Resources for Elementary Homeschooling: Art, Music and Gym Class!

Art, music and physical education can seem very intimidating for parents like me whose own talents definitely lie elsewhere. Luckily there are a lot of great resources out there, especially on YouTube.

Drawing Lessons

Art for Kids Hub is a great source for step-by-step drawing tutorials. They range from super-simple videos appropriate for preschoolers to complex drawings for older students (or those with an inclination towards art). There’s a video for everyone and every occasion, including holiday themed drawings and drawings based on popular movies, tv shows and video games.

Physical Education

Let’s face it, Jamie has been everyone’s P.E. teacher these past two years. And it’s no surprise, with her channel’s collection of fun, upbeat yoga videos that require no equipment and feature kid-friendly themes.

Little Sports kids exercise videos also offer another simple option with basic workouts that you can do right in front of your television.

Video games like Just Dance were also a big hit in our household, and sure to get your heart pumping as you dance to a variety of popular songs.

Music Education

Our favorite music lessons came from the YouTube channel Music With Lindsey. Aimed at younger audiences, Music With Lindsey is mostly about getting kids engaged with basic songs, but it does manage to mix in some lessons in rhythm and pitch.

Another fun series comes from the New York Philharmonic’s Very Young Peoples Concerts at home. These videos introduce orchestral instruments and terms like staccato and legato. The only downside is there’s only four videos total.